Girls in Science Series

To all girls everywhere:

Do you LOVE science?

Do you want to be a scientist?

This series is for you!

In each episode, I'll read a new, inspiring book covering all sorts of awesome science-y things, from what it means to be a scientist to why your imagination is so incredible. Click on an episode, listen to my words, and remember: you can change the world, right now.

In This Group

  • Series 1

    • Episode 1 - So You Want to be a Scientist

    • Episode 2 - Six Things

    • Episode 3 - Imagination

    • Episode 4 - Who You'll Be

    • Episode 5 - Persistence

Series 1

Virtual Storytime Episode G.1 So You Want to be a Scientist.mp4

Episode 1 - So You Want to be a Scientist

I'm going to tell you a secret...but you have to watch this episode to find out what it is! As I read So You Want to be a Scientist, we discover something exciting about what it really means to be a scientist, and how you can be one, too!

Virtual Storytime Episode G.2 Six Things.mp4

Episode 2 - Six Things

Calling all math-lovers! In this episode, I'll tell you about Six Things that you can do right now to be a scientist. And they're not the kind of things you may expect...

Virtual Storytime Episode G.3 Imagination.mp4

Episode 3 - Imagination

Did you know that the most powerful thing in the world is inside your head? Find out more as I read the story Imagination. There's so much power in your mind, and you can do so much with it!

Virtual Storytime Episode G.4 Who You'll Be.mp4

Episode 4 - Who You'll Be

Close your eyes and imagine with me as I read the story Who You'll Be. There are so many possibilities, so many kinds of scientists you could be, and each and every one of them is special in its own way.

Virtual Storytime Episode G.5 Persistence.mp4

Episode 5 - Persistence

It's a big, fancy word, I know, but it has power! In this episode, I read the story Persistence, and together we'll follow the story of girl who learns just how important it is to never give up, to keep going, and to always believe in yourself.