Group C - Dolphin

If you're recognizing familiar words, Group Dolphin is for you! In these episodes, you'll get to practice using prior knowledge while also building your reading comprehension. Click on a video to get started!

In This Group

  • Series 1

    • Episode 1 - My Trip

    • Episode 2 - Today

    • Episode 3 - Where is My Kitten?

    • Episode 4 - Seasons

    • Episode 5 - Meet My Friends!

  • Series 2

    • Episode 1 - I Read a Story

    • Episode 2 - Bedtime

    • Episode 3 - Wacky Wednesday

    • Episode 4 - The Picnic

    • Episode 5 - My Trip to Paris

Series 1

Virtual Storytime Episode C1.1 My Trip.mp4

Episode 1 - My Trip

In this episode, I read the first story of series 1: My Trip. Where are we going? Let's find out! Along the way, you'll also take a look at counting past ten, identifying emotions, connecting to real life, and figuring out new word meanings.

Virtual Storytime Episode C1.2 Today.mp4

Episode 2 - Today

Today, I read a book about...well, Today! In this episode, you'll practice describing images, identifying image details, recalling story details, and connecting the story to real life. This is going to be one awesome day!

Virtual Storytime Episode C1.3 Where is My Kitten .mp4

Episode 3 - Where is My Kitten?

Let's find the answer in this episode, when I'll read Where is My Kitten? and you'll look at identifying animals, recognizing patterns and emotions, and making comparisons! You also will build your vocabulary.

Virtual Storytime Episode C1.4 Seasons.mp4

Episode 4 - Seasons

From the freezing winter to the sticky summer, all four seasons will get their time to shine in this episode as I read the story Seasons. There will be plenty of practice with identifying image details, vocabulary, and connecting the story to real life!

Virtual Storytime Episode C1.5 Meet My Friends.mp4

Episode 5 - Meet My Friends!

In this final episode, I read the story Meet My Friends! and, as the name suggests, you'll get to meet some awesome (or should I say "pawsome"?) friends! You will also practice identifying image details and forming opinions about story content, as well as be introduced to the idea of connotation.

Series 2

Virtual Storytime Episode C2.1 I Read a Story.mp4

Episode 1 - I Read a Story

Yes, I'm not joking! This really is a story about reading stories. As I flip through the pages of I Read a Story, you'll get to work on describing characters, connecting to real life, recognizing predictions, and building vocabulary!

Virtual Storytime Episode C2.2 Bedtime.mp4

Episode 2 - Bedtime

In this episode, I read the story Bedtime, but I promise it won't make you fall asleep! How come? Well, you get to practice identifying cause and effect and making predictions, as well as learn some new vocabulary words.

Virtual Storytime Episode C2.3 Wacky Wednesday.mp4

Episode 3 - Wacky Wednesday

What in the world?! In this book, Wacky Wednesday, we are going to see some crazy, silly, completely out-of-this-world things! Meanwhile, you'll work on identifying patterns, remembering days of the week, and recognizing rhyming words.

Virtual Storytime Episode C2.4 The Picnic.mp4

Episode 4 - The Picnic

In this episode, we're going on a picnic! Or, at least, our characters are. As I read The Picnic, you get to work on identifying emotions, recognizing problem and solution, and describing characters and character choices.

Virtual Storytime Episode C2.5 My Trip to Paris.mp4

Episode 5 - My Trip to Paris

To celebrate reaching the end of this series, we're going to Paris! In this episode, I read My Trip to Paris, and you'll work on building vocabulary - learning new words and solidifying ones you already know - as well as connecting to real life.