Group B - Zebra

If you're sounding out words, Group Zebra is for you! These episodes ask more involved questions, allowing you to interpret the books through your own personal lens and helping you build connections between the books and your own life. Click on a video to get started!

In This Group

  • Series 1

    • Episode 1 - Time to Eat

    • Episode 2 - What Shapes Do You See?

    • Episode 3 - My Pets

    • Episode 4 - I See a Color

    • Episode 5 - Rainy Day

  • Series 2

    • Episode 1 - Animal Sounds

    • Episode 2 - Animal Snacktime

    • Episode 3 - In Winter

    • Episode 4 - Things I Like

    • Episode 5 - Summer

Series 1

Virtual Storytime Episode B1.1 Time to Eat.mp4

Episode 1 - Time to Eat

Are you hungry? Well, in this episode, I read the first story of series 1: Time to Eat. You're sure to work up an appetite as we practice identifying foods, make connections to real life, and look at letter sounds!

Virtual Storytime Episode B1.2 What Shapes Do You See.mp4

Episode 2 - What Shapes Do You See?

In this episode, I read the story What Shapes Do You See? We'll answer that question throughout the book as you practice identifying shapes, colors, and animals, as well as counting - and you even get to meow like a cat!

Virtual Storytime Episode B1.3 My Pets.mp4

Episode 3 - My Pets

In this episode, I read the story My Pets. You'll get to work on counting, identifying animals and animal sounds, and identifying image details. As a bonus, you'll meet some pretty talented pets along the way!

Virtual Storytime Episode B1.4 I See a Color .mp4

Episode 4 - I See a Color

This episode is all about colors! As I read the story I See a Color, not only will you practice identifying colors, but you also will work on connecting the story to your own world and counting!

Virtual Storytime Episode B1.5 Rainy Day.mp4

Episode 5 - Rainy Day

Make sure to bring your rain boots, because I read the story Rainy Day in this episode. You will get to practice identifying image details, and will take a look look at opposite words and making inferences. It's sure to make a "splash" as the last episode of this series!

Series 2

Virtual Storytime Episode B2.1 Animal Sounds.mp4

Episode 1 - Animal Sounds

This episode may get a bit noisy, because I'm reading the book Animal Sounds! As we meet different animal friends, you'll practice identifying animal sounds, identifying animals, counting, and connecting the story to real life.

Virtual Storytime Episode B2.2 Animal Snacktime.mp4

Episode 2 - Animal Snacktime

If you're feeling hungry, join me in this episode as I read the story Animal Snacktime. Not only will you work on identifying animals, but you'll also practice counting, connecting to real life, and using context clues! So bring your favorite snack and let's read!

Virtual Storytime Episode B2.3 In Winter.mp4

Episode 3 - In Winter

In this episode, I read the story In Winter. We'll take a look at identifying animals, connecting to real life, and identifying more complex shapes as we learn about all the fun things to do in this chilly season!

Virtual Storytime Episode B2.4 Things I Like.mp4

Episode 4 - Things I Like

In this episode, I read the story Things I Like, and by the end, "reading" is sure to be one of the things that you like! Why? Well, we're going to meet some awesome animals and practice identifying image details, connecting to real life, and even making comparisons!

Virtual Storytime Episode B2.5 Summer.mp4

Episode 5 - Summer

Congrats! You made it to the final episode! I read the story Summer, and you get to work on identifying setting, connecting to real life, and forming opinions. It's sure to be a sunshiny and spectacular way to sum up this series!