Social Emotional Series

You'll find social emotional skills sprinkled among all of the Virtual Storytimes episodes, but this is a series ALL about practicing those essential skills! From recognizing feelings to making judgements, there's so much to learn, and we'll end every episode with a discussion of what today's book taught us. Click on an episode to dive right in!

In This Group

  • Series 1

    • Episode 1 - To Reach My Book

    • Episode 2 - Nature

    • Episode 3 - The Dance Competition

Series 1

Virtual Storytime Episode E1.1 To Reach My Book.mp4

Episode 1 - To Reach My Book

In To Reach My Book, we'll follow a character's quest to overcome a challenge...even as their ideas get wackier and wackier! Plus, you'll get to practice connecting to real life, making your own judgements about the story, recognizing patterns, and more.

Virtual Storytime Episode E1.2 Nature.mp4

Episode 2 - Nature

Take a moment to just breathe as we read this book about the beauty and magic in Nature. A subtle introduction to simile and imagery, this episode also has chances to work on identifying image details, remembering seasons, and connecting to your own life!

Virtual Storytime Episode E1.3 The Dance Competition.mp4

Episode 3 - The Dance Competition

Have you ever been in a competition before? As we and the character boogie through The Dance Competition, we'll take a look at evaluating choices, describing characters and emotions, and making predictions, as well as how to react when things may not go as planned.